Mobile Edge Handbags are Functional and Cool

By Susie Anderson, Fashion Editor Lime Life

Mobile Edge Pink Faux-Croc Komen Milano Handbag We’re thrilled that we found a solution to common problem. Since we carry our laptops absolutely everywhere, we’ve been looking for the ideal way to carry it. We want something that’s both functional (meaning our laptop fits and it’s comfortable) and fashionable (mean we don’t want to look super-techy; we want a bit of style). And we finally found that with Mobile Edge Handbags.

When you see someone walking down the street with a Mobile Edge handbag, you’re not going to think, “there she goes off to work with her computer!” Instead you’ll likely think, “Wow, where did that girl get her bag? It’s hot!”

We’re not kidding. These bags are seriously stylish, we can’t even believe they’re meant for carrying around laptops. But hey, we’ll take it because we do need a way to carry our computer around. The bags were designed for women and by women, so it makes sense that women everywhere love them!

The bags come in lots of different colors, but most of them are black or pink. And many of the pink ones were designed to support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation. So, really they’re a triple whammy. Functional, stylish, and full of support! We’ll take two!

To check out more of the Mobile Edge handbags and to find one that’s perfect for your busy lifestyle. To read the full review click here Lime Life.

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