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By Dan Ackerman, CNET Senior Editor

CNET Editor's Rating - ExcellentA laptop bag lives or dies based on its shoulder strap. Even a great-looking bag, with plenty of useful pockets and extra padding, will sit disused in the corner if the strap isn’t comfortable, or is prone to sliding off your shoulder. The $49 Mobile Edge Ultra Portable Netbook Messenger Bag scores big for a heavily padded, very comfortable shoulder strap, plus an airport-friendly zip-open compartment.

That said, this has quickly become one of our favorite laptop bags, in part because it’s designed for smaller laptops, from 10-inch Netbooks up to thin 13-inch systems such as the Apple MacBook. The outside of the bag measures 15 inches by 10.5 inches and is 3 inches thick, and the latest MacBook just barely squeezed into the interior laptop compartment.

Photo by CNET - Edge Ultra Portable Netbook Messenger Bag by Mobile EdgeThat interior laptop compartment is not padded (but the two outer walls of the bag are). Instead, the laptop compartment has a see-through plastic front face, with the words “Checkpoint Friendly” printed in big, white letters, and the entire bag zips open in the middle, to allow it to pass through airport metal detectors without removing the laptop. Keep in mind you must have the laptop alone, no wires or accessories, in its own compartment to comply with TSA rules.

The opposite face of the interior laptop compartment has a large, flat zippered pocket built into it, while an entirely separate zippered compartment in front of the laptop area has a few small pockets for pens and small items, but is otherwise unadorned. Under the front flap are two small webbed pockets, and a small, clunky looking Velcro pocket sits in the middle of the outer flap. We were pleased to see a plain, flat pocket on the rear surface, good for holding newspapers and magazines–that’s always a useful feature in a laptop bag.

The adjustable shoulder strap has a large, gel-like pad in the middle, and was probably the most comfortable strap we’ve tried. It made the bag easy to carry, even when packed with a laptop plus books and accessories.

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