Mobile Edge leads Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag Category

Mobile Edge was one of the first laptop bag manufacturers to introduce TSA Compliant Laptop Bags to the market. TSA Officials tested the ScanFast Collection ensuring each case adhered to their guidelines. Mobile Edge now offers 13 different styles of ScanFast Laptop Bags designed for both men and women leading the category.

The ScanFast Laptop Bag Collection was designed to help move you through airport security checkpoints quicker. You no longer need to remove your laptop from your approved case. Simply unzip the bag all the way down on both sides of the bag and lay it flat on the X-Ray Belt. No need to use a gray bin. Once you go through the medal detector you are good to go. Simply pick up your bag and you are on your way.

Here is a short video which highlights the new TSA Guidelines and Mobile Edge ScanFast Cases.

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