What’s in your Mobile Edge laptop bag?

I’ve seen posts from so many people displaying exactly what they carry around each day in their laptop bag.  I wondered, why would anyone care?  But for some reason I was intrigued and joined the “What’s in your bag?” Club on Flickr. What I love about Flickr is you can tag items in your picture.   Click here to see my picture on Flickr.

Here is a picture of my new Alienware ScanFast Messenger Bag. This is a very cool laptop bag that is Checkpoint Friendly. So you can leave your laptop in this bag when passing through airport security checkpoints.  How cool is that?

Plus this TSA compliant laptop case will hold a laptop up to 17.3″ and has a Lifetime Warranty.  I love the Trolley Strap on the back of this bag.  You can set this on top of your rolling suitcase and bring the handles up through the trolley strap and your bag will stay secure. Yes, I do carry this stuff around. Send in what you carry in your Mobile Edge Laptop Bags and I’ll send you a FREE gift. Sent them to me at mo@mobileedge.com.

Alienware ScanFast Messenger Bag by Mobile Edge - Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case

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