Mobile Edge Eco-Collection reviewed NY Daily News

Joy of green giving: High-tech, environmentally friendly gifts

By Robert S. Anthony, Technology Editor, NY Daily News

More of those dreams about a white Christmas will likely include the color green this year.
Manufacturers have been turning out more environmentally friendly products that reduce waste or minimize energy consumption.

Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Komen ToteAlthough the Consumer Electronics Association expects total holiday season spending to dip 3% this year vs. 2008, the amount spent specifically on gifts — as opposed to food, home purchases, etc.— is expected to grow 4%. The spending outlook for high-tech gifts such as HDTVs, iPods and digital cameras is even rosier: an 8% spike is expected.

Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Collection
Many notebook case manufacturers now offer products made from natural fibers as opposed to nylon. The Eco-Friendly Collection from Mobile Edge includes totes ($80) and messenger bags ($50) with cotton canvas exteriors. About 80% of the bags are biodegradable, according to Mobile Edge.

One bag in the Eco Tote Collection, which is designed for women, benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which raises money for breast cancer research. Some 10% of sales go to the organization.

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