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Mobile Edge Does The Sumo, Stays Slim

Posted by Greg May, Technology Editor, Truly Obscure
Messenger bags come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. The best ones combine durable materials, flexible compartments, attractive or eye-catching design, and plenty of space. In the case of Mobile Edge, they almost take it overboard with the Sumo Laptop Messenger Bag.

Sumo Messenger Bag by Mobile EdgeAble to fit MacBooks up to 17 inches and PCs laptops up to 16 inches wide, this is a very large bag. Available directly from Mobile Edge in three color choices- red, pink, or silver, the pattern is eye-catching even if folks miss the sumo wrestlers at first (elephants seemed to be what many people saw).

Straps- both hand and shoulder- were comfortable but not overly-padded, stitching was sturdy and we liked the extra sumo details on the zippers and straps. Interior pocket space was excellent, including a couple of hidden spots, and our valuable computers felt safe in the corduroy-lined compartment, which was quite adjustable.

Made from ballistic nylon, we liked the reflective material for road safety when walking or biking. One side pouch was nicely netted, offering a space for a small beverage (larger ones won’t fit though).

At $55 or less, though, this is a pretty neat option with plenty of space for even the heftiest laptop and still room to spare. Mobile Edge, we’ve got our eye on you now, hidden sumo wrestlers or not.

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