Travel smart with Mobile Edge ScanFast Briefcase

ScanFast Briefcase by Mobile Edge breezing through airport securityTraveling with your laptop is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when passing through airport security checkpoints. Not only do you have to take off your shoes, jacket, belt, empty your pockets, take out your cell phone and wallet. It can be overwhelming the more items you have.

Well Mobile Edge has helped solve at least one of your your worries with their ScanFast Collection of Laptop bags that are Checkpoint Friendly. Now when traveling you no longer have to remove your laptop from your case when using one of these TSA compliant laptop cases.

The simple butterfly design makes it super easy to use. When passing through security checkpoints, simply unzip the laptop case all the way down on both sides, lay the bag flat and place it one the X-Ray belt as seen in the photo above. When you get to the other side of the security screening area, pick up your bag and away you go.

Of course you still have to put your shoes, belt and other items back on. However saving the hassle of not removing your laptop from your bag, priceless…

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