CNN – Canada limits carry-on bags into US

ScanFast Backpack going through airport security

Now is the time to invest in a TSA compliant Laptop Case.  With all of the new screening procedures, being prepared when traveling is essential.  A CNN report states that all Canadian flights entering the U.S. are now limiting what passengers carry-on.  Luckily passengers are still able to carry-on laptop computers.

Click here to get a new ScanFast Laptop Case from Mobile Edge which are 100 percent TSA compliant. According to TSA officials, the ScanFast Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags are still approved to pass through airport screening checkpoints. Here is a CNN article regarding security restrictions.

(CNN) — Canada is immediately limiting carry-on items for flights to the United States in the aftermath of a failed terror attack on a Northwest Airlines flight.

“Effective immediately, U.S.-bound passengers are not allowed to bring carry-on bags into the cabin of the aircraft, with some exceptions,” said a statement from Transport Canada.

According to the agency, carry-ons will be limited to medication or medical devices, small purses, cameras, coats, infant-care items, laptop computers, containers carrying life-sustaining or special-needs items, musical instruments, or diplomatic or consular bags. Crutches, canes and walkers also are permitted.

“These measures are expected to be in place at least for several days,” Transport Canada said.

Click here to read the full CNN article.

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