Mobile Edge ScanFast Element featured- Canadian Business

Mobile Edge ScanFast Element Briefcase - One of the only Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags designed specifically for womenCanadian Business Magazine Cover - February 2010The ever so popular ScanFast Element Briefcase was featured in a travel article posted in the February 15th, 2010 of Canadian Business, a well known business periodical in Canada. The stylish look of the Checkpoint Friendly ScanFast Briefcase makes this one of the hottest TSA compliant laptop bag on the market designed specifically for women.  Mobile Edge leads the category in offering the most styles of TSA compliant laptop bags designed exclusively for women.

Now Mobile Edge products are offered in Canada, and Canadians are catching on to the ScanFast Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags. These specially designed laptop bags are made to move travelers through airport security checkpoints without having to remove their laptops from their cases.

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