Green Super Bowl Ads

As an advertising junkie, I honestly enjoy watching the Super Bowl Commercials over the actual game (unless the Chargers are playing). This year’s advertising ensemble was as good as year’s past but not the most memorable.  The Doritos commercials were pretty funny, and the Betty White (Snicker’s) Ad was hilarious.

However, my favorite ad was from Audi. The Green Police Ad was brilliant.  It was funny, totally over the top, however still demonstrated how Clean Diesel is good for the environment.

Many corporations are going green these days, and Mobile Edge is leading the way in the Laptop Bag category by introducing their new Sorona™ Material from Dupont® which is derived from corn.  Look for new products to arrive this Spring using this Eco-Friendly material.

In the meantime, here is the Audi Green Police Ad from the Super Bowl.  Enjoy!

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