Mobile Edge laptop bags on NBC’s Chuck

Yvonne Strahovski aka-Sarah on NBC's Chuck Last night’s Chuck episode on NBC was action packed. With everything going on at the same time, Chuck locked the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) in the Spy Headquarters Office in order to keep her safe.

She had to figure out a way to get out out of the locked confined space, so she looked through the Buy More security cameras. The fist camera angle happened to be directly on the rack of Mobile Edge ScanFast Laptop Bags.  Both Chuck and his co-star Hannah have used the ScanFast cases in multiple scenes.

Mobile Edge laptop bags are super stylish and functional, and now Mobile Edge leads the market in Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases. Regardless of your laptop size, if you have a large 17.3″ wide screen or a small 8.9″ ultra portable Netbook screen size there is a laptop sleeve and case to suit your needs.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Cases on the set of Chuck on NBC

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