Mobile Edge Mini Messenger redesigned for new 13.3″ laptops

I am the Public Relations Director for Mobile Edge and would like to point out that our Mini Messenger was originally designed for smaller laptops, Netbooks and DVD players with screen sizes up to 13.3”.  During the past 18 months, laptop manufacturers have moved to a 16:9 aspect ratio wide-screen format which makes the laptop/notebook wider but not as tall.

As a result, Mobile Edge has increased the size of the Mini Messenger by 1.25” (in length) so that it will accommodate these new 13.3″ wide-screen laptops.  Most on-line resellers are using the updated specifications to describe the Mini Messenger. Unfortunately, there are still some of the original sized units in inventory within our distribution channels.

If you purchased a Mini Messenger on the premise it would fit your 13.3” laptop and have received one of the original sized units, Mobile Edge will gladly exchange your case for the newer larger version at no charge.  Please contact me, Matthew Olivolo at to arrange for a product exchange.  We appreciate your understanding.

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