Mobile Edge ScanFast Netbook Briefcase now Checkpoint Friendly

Mobile Edge ScanFast Netbook Briefcase - On of the first Checkpoint Friendly Netbook Briefcases on the market

The redesigned ScanFast Netbook Briefcase is ideal for traveling with your small ultra light Netbook computer. Now when passing through airport security checkpoints, you can leave your Netbook in the briefcase keeping it safe and secure.

In an independent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, more than 12,000 laptops are left behind or stolen at airport security checkpoints each week nationwide.  By using a ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Laptop or Netbook Bag, you will not have to worry about someone easily slipping your Netbook or Laptop into their bag. Your worries are gone as your computer will safely be secured in your case.

In addition to possibly being pilfered, you will not have to worry about dropping or damaging your laptop or Netbook when taking it out of the case. You will be one of the studious travelers as you pass through security checkpoints like you work for the TSA. (metaphorically speaking)

Lastly, the new Apple iPad will fit securely into the ScanFast Netbook Briefcase, however I would recommend the iPad be in a protective sleeve.  Because the iPad is so thin (a mere 1/2 inch thick), it may be a little loose in the Netbook compartment.  However, if the iPad is in a sleeve it will give your new tablet enough girth to be fastened down by the overlapping Velcro tab.

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