Huffington Post Review: Mobile Edge ScanFast Briefcase

By Robert J. Elisberg, Columnist and screenwriter Huffington Post

Going through airport checkpoints these days can be an adventure in juggling that would test the greatest circus star. And it’s made all the more challenging when you have a notebook computer, having to remove it from your bag and keep an eye on it – one more thing to watch.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Briefcase - Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag TSA compliant and security friendly

A relatively new development has eased this a bit – the advent of TSA Approved luggage that allows you to keep your notebook safely in the bag. The notebook is kept entirely to itself in a compartment, no accessories allowed, and see-through plastic allows the bag to be seen. Additionally, each bag has a hinge which lets you open it flat for the conveyor belt. When done, just grab the bag, re-zip and your off. No repacking your notebook. It’s one less headache in a world of airport headaches.

Mobile Edge is a company that has its own extensive line of Checkpoint Friendly bags.  I happen to like it when a bag has more than one inside compartment, as the Mobile Edge does – one compartment holds the notebook and also has a big, full-sized pocket. The other compartment opens with its separate zipper and serves as your main briefcase.

There are three Velcro pockets here, a small see-through mesh pocket, and yet another full-sized see-through mesh pocket. And finally there are four pen holders.

The ScanFast Briefcase is 16.5″x13.5″x6″ and weighs approximately 50 ounces. It comes with a shoulder strap and Velcro backs trap which allows you to slide the bag over a telescoping luggage carrier handle. Made of Ballistic nylon, it is very solidly made and quite well-designed. The handles are rubber and comfortable. It retails for $100 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Mobile Edge ScanFast Briefcase is an excellent briefcase, and of the two reviewed here (both of them good), it is one I much prefer.

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