Mobile Edge Backpack featured on NBC’s Community

The comical TV Show “Community” on NBC has some great actors, and the writers truly are geniuses. Mobile Edge products can be seen on various episodes including this one with actor Alison Brie who is in love with her new TPS Backpack. In this scene Alison flaunts how she received the case for free and it’s the best bag she’s ever owned.

Sadly, at the end of this episode her co-star Joel McHale who plays the lead role sabotages the laptop backpack by shredding it and hanging it up in a hallway on the school campus for everyone to see.  It is a sad moment for her (and us).  However, in an upcoming episode Alison will have the opportunity to choose a new Mobile Edge laptop Backpack from her college bookstore for her to use in the entire next season.

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