Sumo Briefcase may appear on Transformers 3

Transformer - Look for Mobile Edge products in new Transformers 3 MovieThat’s right, currently crews are working on Transformers 3 and should be in theaters sometime in 2011.  I sent over a few Mobile Edge and Sumo laptop cases that are uber cool, and may be used by lead actor Shia LaBeouf (or is Megan Fox the lead actor???).

Keeping in mind is smaller stature, we hand selected cases that were leaner so they did not over power his character. Messenger Bags and stylish briefcases were my first choice to send to the Prop Masters.  I also sent over a few Backpacks that may fit as well.

However, I think the new Sumo Professional Briefcase is the one the Prop Masters may end up choosing.  It is very stylish, upscale and simply is a great looking case.

The case features a stylish front panel with with discrete Sumo branding, and accented with a Leather bottom for strength and durability.  The back panel has a quilted stitching look with a convenience trolley strap to place on top of a rolling suitcase when traveling. This laptop bag is ideal for 17″ Apple MacBook Pro laptops.

The Sumo Professional Briefcase comes with a matching leather shoulder strap which makes this case very stylish with character and detail.

What are your thoughts on this case?  Send me your opinion and let me know if this is a good choice for Shia LaBeouf to carry or not.  I’ll send you a special coupon code for future purchases on the Mobile Edge website for commenting.

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