Mobile Edge EVO Backpack & Alienware Mx11 Portfolio at E3

Chris Hudak from Crave Online poses with a waitress at Trader Vics in LA as she holds the new Alienware Mx11 Portfolio by Mobile Edge.

Technology writer Chris Hudak from Blog Sites including Machinima, Crave Online and Game Revolution is now testing the new Mobile Edge EVO Backpack and Alienware Mx11 Portfolio. He flew from San Francisco down to LA to attend E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Staples Center last week. He’ll be posting a review soon on one or more of the blogs he writes for.

While Chris was attending the event, he toted around the Mobile Edge Alienware Mx11 Portfolio. He said he loved the sleek footprint of the new Mx11 which was designed to carry around Alienware’s newest gaming computer, the Mx11. It is made simply to carry around the computer, the power supply and a few peripherals . That’s what makes the portfolio lightweight and extremely mobile. The small design allows you to carry the portfolio in a larger bag if needed, or durable enough to carry by itself when you want to be light.

On the last day of the show I met with Chris at Trader Vic’s, a Tiki themed restaurant right around the corner from the Staples Center. In the photo, Chris is posing with a waitress showing off the new Alienware Mx11 Portfolio. Even she liked the portfolio. Chris is sporting a “Prinny” hat from NIS America, publishers for the Disgaea series of games.

This new case is hot and has been challenging to keep in stock due to its popularity. If you own an Mx11, you need this case for sure!

Stay tuned for Chris’s reviews on both products.

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