Mobile Edge SecurePack the best laptop bag ever made

SecurePack fits laptops up to 17.3"

Actual Mobile Edge Customer Review

I was desperate to replace my existing notebook bag, a solidly-made but very heavy briefcase with a strap that cut painfully into my shoulder. Although I knew that a backpack was a better solution than a briefcase, I wasn’t terribly impressed with what my local Staples and Best Buy had to offer; their backpacks seemed overpriced and poorly designed.

Then I saw the Mobile Edge SecurePack in a PC WORLD print ad. What a lucky break! Although my local stores didn’t carry it, I was able to get it online.

It’s rare to find a product that fills a need as elegantly and beautifully as the Secure Pack does.

The elegance is in the way the Secure Pack prevents access to the laptop it contains WITHOUT locks or cables. The backpack can’t be opened until it’s taken off – take it off, then simply reverse the straps over the rear of the pack and unzip it. The “lid” (actually the back) of the pack fans open to about 60 degrees, held open that limited amount by a nylon gusset web on either side. This prevents the laptop sleeve, which is directly attached to the inside of the back/lid, from slamming hard against the ground.

Inside the pack, in addition to the main compartment, there are the laptop sleeve and a second compartment piggybacked together and fanning out to 60 degrees with the same kind of side-gusset webs as the lid/back. The second compartment has a generously-sized, zippered mesh pocket inside, and loops, sleeves, and a small Velcro-flapped pocket outside – the better to contain pens, pencils, pads, and other stationery, documents, and extras. The main compartment contains for cable storage two nylon-and-mesh zippered bags (each about the size of a small shaving kit!) with Velcro hook strips on their bottoms; they stick securely to the Velcro loop surface of the main compartment, but are easily detached when needed. In fact, the cable bags are so roomy that I store my webcam and its accessories in one bag, and my laptop power cables, still-camera-battery charger and camera-PC USB connector in the other. With my laptop, a laptop cooling pad, & all those cables stored in the backpack, I STILL have room to shove in a couple of heavy textbooks & zip the pack shut easily!

The SecurePack has two nice extra touches: the CD player pocket (with zipper closure hidden by a forked flap that is in turn held closed by two quick-release buckles along the straps) and the carrying handle that is perfectly set within the yoke of the pack straps (nicely balanced for off-the-shoulders carrying).

All these features, however, mean nothing if the backpack is too uncomfortable to wear for an extended time. After having worn the SecurePack fully loaded for several hours on several occasions, I can confidently say it is the best-balanced backpack I’ve ever worn: not the best-balanced computer backpack, but simply the BEST-BALANCED backpack of ANY type I’ve ever used. I don’t know how its designers did it, but the fully-loaded SecurePack feels feather-light on my back; all the weight of the load balances beautifully on my hips and doesn’t drag me down.

The SecurePack is not a quick-access or compact computer bag, but its name and features make that clear. It is a theft-proof, damage-proof laptop bag at a good price.

To sum up, the SecurePack is a beautifully designed product that fills a long-felt need: how to carry a laptop computer and accessories safely, securely, and without back or shoulder injury. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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