Mobile Edge products on NBC’s Chuck

If you watched last week’s episode of NBC’s Chuck, you would have seen where Buy More’s Office Manager Morgan, tested out just how efficient the new CIA Agents were at keeping the store neat and tidy. In his view, the store was a little too neat and tidy.

He tried to mess the isles up by tossing random products to the floor, including the Mobile Edge Maddie Powers Sheba Messenger Bag. An agent comes down the isle doing several cartwheel-like back flips and then cleans up the laptop case.  Funny scene for sure.

Check out the show Monday nights on NBC 8/7c, and look out for more Mobile Edge products. If you spot one of our products, send me an e-mail of the scene where you saw a Mobile Edge or Sumo laptop bag and I will send you a FREE Mobile Edge gift.

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