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By Steve Holt, Technology Editor, Gadgeteer

When you are going through airport security, what’s the most important thing?  I mean, aside from making sure your socks don’t have holes in them, that is.  You want to get through it fast, right?  And it sure is a hassle having to remove your laptop from its bag and then put it back in the bag on the other side.  Well, no more worries mate.  The Mobile Edge ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase 2.0 is the bag for you!

In the past month I went on 2 trips so I had to go through airport security in several different airports around the country.  I was intrigued by this bag that claimed I didn’t have to remove my laptop before going through security, because they are pretty strict at airport security, right?  I wondered how all the airport security folks around the country got the message about this bag and what I was going to say if they made me remove the laptop.  I wondered if Julie was going to bail me out of jail for refusing to remove the laptop, because my review just wouldn’t work if I had to remove it!  Luckily, Julie didn’t have to come to my rescue.

I was successful at every airport getting through security without having to remove the laptop from the bag, and it was simply a breeze with this bag!  As you can see from the picture below, you just unzip the main zipper and open the bag completely flat.  Lay the bag on the conveyor belt and shazam, that’s it.  I didn’t have to get an extra bin to put the laptop in, thereby saving me a couple minutes and lots of hassle.  If I traveled a lot, this bag would be extremely valuable because over the long run the minutes you save having to stand in line add up.

I am very pleased with this bag, and even though it can’t hold as much stuff as some of my larger computer bags, this has become my daily-use bag of choice.  And because of the quality of materials, and a lifetime guarantee, I think this is going to last me a long time.  Some added benefits of the bag for traveling are that it fits in overhead bins of course, but also, because of its small size it fits under the seat in front of you.

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