Mobile Edge customer uses Premium Backpack over 5 years

Traveling across the country, I have seen hundreds of Mobile Edge customers at airports over the years. I often stop and ask them how they like their Mobile Edge laptop bag. I have yet to hear anything negative and typically they tell me how they love their purchase. In fact, I normally hear they have used their laptop bag for years and traveled with it wherever they go.

Yesterday, when traveling through Phoenix, I bumped into a Mobile Edge customer using our extremely popular and practically indestructible Premium Backpack. His name was Phillip Pierce from Dallas, Texas.

He bought two Mobile Edge Premium Backpacks a little over five years ago, and travels all over the country with them. For his job, he has to carry around a lot of electronic equipment and needs the extra room and comfort the Premium Backpack provides.

“I’ve tried several other backpacks from different companies,” explained Pierce. “None of the other brands made a bag big enough to carry all of my equipment. This bag has held up for more than five years now and it is still good to go.”

It was great to meet another happy Mobile Edge customer while traveling. Send me your travel pictures of you and your Mobile Edge laptop case, and I will send you a FREE Mobile Edge gift for your time and effort. Send it to Matthew at

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