Mobile Edge laptop bags video review in UK

By Pollyanna Woodward, Host of The Gadget Show

Pollyanna Woodward, Host of the Gadget Show in the United Kingdom took 20 different laptop cases from a variety of companies and put them through a rigorous test never seen before.

She placed a fragile plate inside each laptop bag, and then kicked the bag down two flights of stairs. If the plate broke, then it didn’t provide enough protection for your laptop and the case was eliminated.

She then took the remaining bags and dropped the bags off of a two story balcony. Again, if the plate broke inside the bag it was eliminated.

Pollyanna ended up with six bags and she could only recommend five. So she placed the bag in the back of her VW Toureg SUV, and slammed the back hatch down onto the bag. Another bag was eliminated and there were two Mobile Edge laptop bags in the top five.

Her last test was to see how well the bags would protect from moisture. So she placed a newspaper inside each bag and held each bag on her shoulder at the same time. Next a colleague sprayed her with a hose completely drenching her.

End result, the Mobile Edge Komen Paris Backpack was crowned #2 out of twenty laptop bags, and the Mobile Edge SecurePack was given the #3 spot out of twenty. A very unorthodox review, but it does really show the quality and protection each Mobile Edge laptop case provides. 

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