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Sending Your Kid’s Computer Packing

Laptops and school mean rethinking your high school or college bound kid’

By Sean Gallagher, Technology Editor, Tech Goes Strong

Before you know it, the summer will be over. And your kid will be headed back to school—probably with a laptop computer. But are you really going to let them haul that $1500 computer around in that backpack designed for textbooks?

More colleges are making laptops part of the classroom experience, with texts in electronic form and lecture halls equipped with WiFi.  Many high schools are also making computers part of the curriculum. So backpacks don’t just hold notebooks, textbooks and pencils anymore—and they shouldn’t be built like they do.

I recently got my hands on a pack that’s the answer to the modern classroom—the EVO Backpack from Mobile Edge.  Instead of just sporting the standard gaping catch-all compartment of most backpacks, the EVO has a pocket for just about everything. While my sons have both been eyeing the pack for their own laptops, they may have to fight me for it at this point.

A padded compartment can protectively cradle laptops with screens up to 16 inches, as well as many 17-inch models (including MacBook Pros and others with the wide-screen format). My 17-inch Toshiba laptop was easily accommodated, though about an inch of it jutted above the protective padding of the pocket; my 10-inch Toshiba Netbook had plenty of room, even when packed with an extra sleeve on it. A Velcro flap secures the pocket so the laptop won’t eject when the bag is opened.

There are 16 internal and external pockets, as well as a “workstation” area with holders for pens and pencils, USB ‘flash’ drives, and memory cards. There are mesh pockets on the straps that are ideal for stuffing a cell phone into, and an internal pocket for an MP3 player, complete with wire management ports to snake headphone wires through—perfect for keeping your student plugged into tunes while sprinting (or skateboarding) to make that next class across campus.

The pack also has a padded back panel with breathable mesh covers that molds to the back and distributes weight in a way that may not make your kid look like Quasimodo by the end of the day.

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