DuPont™ Sorona® used in Mobile Edge laptop cases

By Ecotextile Editors based in the UK

A new collection of laptop bags has been designed making use of DuPont’s bio-based Sorona polymer which is made from renewable corn-based feedstock.

The ScanFast 2.0 laptop bags from Mobile Edge have designed to be ‘checkpoint friendly’, allowing users to get through some airport security systems without the inconvenience of removing their laptop from the case.

“Sorona provides the durability and strength that is expected in this type of product, while maintaining a comfortable softness,” said Peter Szanto, marketing manager, DuPont Sorona.

Sorona was the first bio-based, renewably sourced polymer from DuPont. It contains 37% renewably sourced materials derived from corn and is made from Dupont’s Bio-PDO feedstock which is being touted as a replacement for the traditional petroleum-based feedstocks found in textile fibers such as polyester.

“We are delighted to be leading the category in the use of environmentally-friendly materials,” added G. David Cartwright, president and CEO, Mobile Edge. “It is our goal for Mobile Edge to establish a standard for producing truly eco-friendly laptop cases. Our new ScanFast cases are not only the smart way to travel, but smart for the environment as well.”

DuPont discovered Sorona in the 1940s but did not commercialize it at the time because of the high cost of the key ingredient propanediol (PDO). A seven-year research program that began in 1993 concluded with the development of a process to make Bio-PDO from corn sugar.

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