Mobile Edge ScanFast 2.0 Briefcase reviewed – Travel Weekly

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By Joe Rosen, Travel Editor for Travel Weekly

The Mobile Edge ScanFast 2.0 Briefcase. This checkpoint-friendly laptop carrier from Mobile Edge is designed to enable flyers to pass through airport screening without having to remove their computers from their cases.

Weighing only 3.2 pounds, the ScanFast, which holds laptops with up to 16-inch screens, has multiple interior pockets for personal items, files and/or electronic gear; a shock-absorbing elastic shoulder strap; and easy-access front pockets for travel documents and the like.

As a lagniappe for the ecology-minded, the bag is constructed of a material that requires 30% less energy to manufacture, reducing greenhouse emissions by 63%. Retail value is $99.99 and available online at

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