‘Green’ Mobile Edge Cases reviewed in PC Today Magazine

Energy-Conscious Tech

By Nathan Lake, PC Today Technology Editor

The Electronic devices that make our lives easier also produce unwanted side effects on the environment. Fortunately, many consumer electronics manufacturers are working to create products that keep us productive while reducing energy demands to lessen the impact on the environment. Here, we take a look at the newest environmentally friendly technology initiatives.

Eco- & Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bags

The ScanFast™ 2.0 Collection of laptop bags by Mobile Edge is made with a DuPont™ material that consists partially of corn stalks. The agricultural material is titled Sorona®, and it requires 30% less energy to produce than petroleum-based nylon or polyester, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the product by 63%. Overall, the Sorona material contains 37% renewable sources. Bags in the ScanFast 2.0 Collection are also checkpoint friendly, so you don’t have to remove your laptop when going through security checkpoints. Briefcase, messenger bag and backpack models are available.

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