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According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), with Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags you can leave your laptop inside the case when passing through security lines. This helps move you through the line quicker and helps keep your laptop safe from being bumped, dropped or even stolen.

Here are a few time saving tips that will help you the next time you need to travel with your laptop.
1. Pack light, and be organized. Your carry-on luggage or briefcase should be packed neatly so the TSA agents can get a clear unobstructed view of your bag and the contents inside. You do not need a gray bin to place your bag in if it is TSA compliant.
2. Place your cell phone, wallet or purse, and all valuables inside your Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag. When you walk through the screener you will not set off any alarms and your valuables will be safe inside your bag.
3. Be prepared to take off your shoes and belt if you have one on. By preparing yourself you will fly through security like a seasoned traveler.
4. Keep liquids and gels in a packed or checked bag inside a clear plastic bag. This helps screeners get your baggage to the right plane quicker and without delay.

These are just a few tips on how to speed up your security screening process. For more information about TSA guidelines, click here.

Mobile Edge is a market leader in Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags, and has one of the largest assortments of bags on the market. Mobile Edge offers five TSA compliant laptop cases made just for women. Additionally, Mobile Edge makes 12 different men’s Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases. Visit the ScanFast product page today and travel smarter.

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