Travel tips on include Mobile Edge ScanFast cases

By Shama Kabani,

Shama Kabani, CEO Marketing Zen, international speaker, and traveler, shares her best-kept travel secrets.

Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from experience. Just these past six months alone have seen me in more than seven countries—from Hong Kong to Egypt. I travel mostly for business, and here are my best-kept secrets.

What to Pack: Anyone who has ever seen my closet will tell you I am not a minimalist. My luggage tells a different story. Convenience trumps choices when I travel more than 18 hours. If traveling overnight or for less than two days, I recommend only a carry-on. If you check a bag and it gets lost, the chances are you won’t have it back until your trip is over.

In my carry-on, I have my iPad 2 (I leave the Kindle at home since the iPad has a Kindle app), my laptop (only if I am giving a presentation, otherwise the iPad works), a sleeping kit (eye cover, socks, and a mini toothbrush), quality headphones, sunglasses, a packet of gum, and an extra shirt just in case. If the carry-on is my only luggage, I add a suit and a mini makeup and medicine bag. I stick to only one pair of shoes in which I can walk and present. Want to get through security faster? Use a TSA compliant, checkpoint friendly laptop bag. You can keep the laptop in its case. Mobile Edge makes a few good ones.

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