Mobile Edge in the promotional products industry

Promotional Marketing professional Michelle Perkol, of Star Gift Alliance, received a call from one of her top clients, Nocturne Productions for a special backstage giveaway. Nocturne is the leading supplier of video production services for live stage shows. They were looking for a backpack specifically for the Blue Man Group Tour that had a sleek look and feel to it, yet was well padded and comfortable to carry. The bag also had to have ample room for storage and be color coordinated. After sending her client five different bags from other vendors, she remembered Mobile Edge. She contacted account manager Summer Valdez, and explained what her client was looking for.

Summer had a good idea of what case would be most suitable and recommended the new EVO Backpack. At first, Michelle’s client was torn between a competing bag and the EVO Backpack. Summer shipped a sample of the EVO Backpack for Michelle’s client to evaluate in person. After seeing the quality of the backpack firsthand and the Free virtual mock-up, Michelle’s client realized the EVO Backpack was the ideal choice.

“It was a challenge for me to find the right bag that had everything I was looking for, and the EVO Backpack had everything I needed and more,” explained Michelle Perkol. “The coloring was ideal and logo placement worked out great.”

The logo placement was a fun project and tied in perfectly with the Blue trim of the EVO Backpack. Using two separate logos and imprint methods, the ‘Blue Man Group’ logo was imprinted onto a rubberized patch which was then sewn on the top part of the Backpack. Then the ‘Nocturne’ logo was embroidered on the lower portion of the bag making a nice contrast and really tying in both logos nicely. As expected, both the distributor and client were extremely pleased with the finished product and will be re-ordering this product as a result.

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