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By Kate Trgovac, Fashionable Laptop Bag editor
As I’ve mentioned before, TSA regulations allow for laptops to remain in their sleeves if the bag meets TSA guidelines. If you’re looking for a laptop briefcase that get you through that (sometimes terrible) line-up at airport security a little faster, then it’s worth checking out the ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase 2.0 by Mobile Edge.

Black and sleek, this bag is function, function, function all the way. The front of the bag has four zippered pockets. There are two pockets shaped and sized for cords and power-bricks, and there is a large flat, zippered pocket for reading materials. The fourth pocket is a smaller zippered pocket for quick access. I’m stashing my airline ticket and identification in there.

The briefcase opens clamshell-style. One side has a built-in slot for my laptop, and the other has storage for documents and accessories. The laptop pocket is made to fit laptops with up to 16″ screens. It easily fits my MacBook Pro, and it will definitely fit a PC as well. The elastic and Velcro strap firmly secured my laptop. The “Checkpoint Friendly” label on the pocket will remind TSA agents that bag is cool to go through the X-ray. It’s ALL COOL, TSA.

The front storage area of the bag holds all the usual “briefcase” contents that you may need. There is a handy series of multi-purpose pockets for my iPod and cell phone, pens, business cards, and a sturdy clip for my keys. And, as with Mobile Edge’s other security-friendly bags, there is a designated memory storage section, perfect for memory cards and thumb drives. For those of us who need to travel with data, thank goodness for that design feature – there’s a spot for my house keys AND my USB keys. There is also a zippered, netted pocket for other items.

Other nice features of this bag include the adjustable shoulder strap – it extends up to approx. 57″ hardware to hardware, which is longer than many other manufacturers. The shoulder pad is slim-lined, built-in, and extremely comfortable. The back of the bag has a pass-through so I can tote it along with my rolling luggage – always a nice feature.

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