iPad 2 pocket added to Sumo Messengers by Mobile Edge

The iPad 2 has become increasingly popular since its launch with millions sold worldwide. We have found that customers who own an iPad also travel with their MacBook Pro or PC laptop. So, we designed our Sumo Messenger Bag with a convenient iPad pouch on the outside of the laptop compartment.

Now when traveling, you can safely take both your MacBook Pro and your iPad 2 on the road with peace of mind. The convenient pouch is perfectly position for easy access, and is lined with a soft MicroFiber material that will protect your prized tablet.

Having the freedom to take along your iPad and your laptop in the same case is convenient and a smart idea. If you just want to take your iPad, a Mobile Edge or Sumo Sleeve is the perfect solution. But if you need to take your laptop, other files, folders and paperwork on the road with you, then you need a larger case.  The Sumo Messenger Bag has all of the pockets you need to organize yourself, plus show off your fun side.

Check out the Sumo Messenger Bag Collection, and stay connected while on the road!

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