Sumo Professional Briefcase by Mobile Edge

Fashion Blogger and Designer Kate Trgovac, reviews our new Sumo Professional Briefcase and points out that not all black bags are made equal. In fact, at times Black Bags actually are what you need to match that special suit or outfit. Here is a portion of her review. To read the full review click on the link at the bottom of the review to visit her blog page.

A staple in your laptop’s wardrobe

By Kate Trgovac, Fashion Blogger
My closet is full of work clothes, but I can only classify one outfit as “the perfect work suit”. My perfect work suit fits me like a glove. It looks good standing up for a presentation – it looks good sitting down for an interview. I can trust it to carry me through the day with confidence and it always adds a little spring in my step. The Sumo Professional Laptop Briefcase from Mobile Edge, with its funky look, sturdy construction, and superior laptop cosseting capabilities makes it the perfect briefcase counterpart to my perfect work suit. This bag is great for client meetings in the city or when I travel out of town on business. Actually, it’s perfect to take with me on vacation too – it’s for any occasion when I need my laptop (and why be coy? That’s pretty much every occasion.)

The Sumo professional briefcase has a front zippered compartment for quick, easy access. There are accessory pockets, space for my business cards and keys, and when I take this bag with me to the airport, I can stow my passport and boarding pass in there.

Unzipping the main compartment of the bag reveals two storage areas sandwiched on either side of a laptop sleeve. The large front storage compartment is, like my perfect work suit, made to complement accessories. There are storage pockets for my electronic doo-dads, including a pocket that is lined with soft fabric. I put my iPhone there to keep it scratch-free.

There’s also plenty of room for my A/C adapter and various cords. The cushioned, corduroy laptop sleeve is positioned in the middle of the bag, acting as a divider between front and back storage sections. My 15″ MacBook Pro fits perfectly. The manufacturer states that it will fit a PC laptop up to 11″ x 16″ x 2″, and this is realistic. When packed up, the center-positioned sleeve made the bag extremely comfortable to wear. Rather than a rigid laptop against my hip, the storage area next to my body had a more give and the bag felt more balanced.

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