West Point Cadets love Mobile Edge Backpacks

The United States Military Academy at West Point is known as one of the world’s preeminent leader development institutions. The Academy Stores Director of Cadet Activities, Lenora Grable-Grant, met Noni Darakhshan, Director of Education Sales for Mobile Edge at a Trade Show and mentioned the incoming 2015 West Point Cadets were in need of new backpacks. Grable-Grant asked Darakhshan to submit a few laptop backpack suggestions to bid against other selections.

Darakhshan submitted a few ideas and had an idea for a custom backpack with an exterior ID badge holder to identify the individual Cadet.

“The customized Mobile Edge Backpack was a big hit with the Corp Of Cadets, the overall design, durability and features (i.e. pockets, storage units) were a big plus, explained Lenora Grable-Grant. “During the contract selection/testing phase, the Academy Stores conducted a survey amongst the Corp of Cadets and of the selection pool (5 different/varied backpacks) the Mobile Edge Backpack was chosen 7 out of 10 times amongst the 30 Cadets.”

Since the original design of this backpack bears a resemblance to a rugged military look and feel, it was not a surprise that the Mobile Edge Backpack was hands down the most popular amongst the Cadets.

“During the West Point Class of 2015 issue process, the upper classmen whom escorted the Class of 2015 Cadets were extremely complimentary of the design and durability of the backpack,” said Grable-Grant.  “Several upper class Cadets (Class of 2012-2014) requested to purchase the backpack on the spot. The Cadets overwhelming noted that they were extremely satisfied with the overall makeup of the backpack and would highly recommend it to all.”

“Due to the overwhelming positive response from the Corps of Cadets, the West Point Academy Stores will definitely move forward with procuring Mobile Edge Backpacks in the future,” exclaimed Grable-Grant.

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