Law professor loves her Mobile Edge laptop case

Another Happy Mobile Edge customer sent in a picture of herself and her new Mobile Edge laptop case.

Emely Shean, from Fullerton, California, is in love with her new ScanFast™ Element Briefcase. As a law professor, she needs to maintain a professional look, however doesn’t want to risk losing her personal sense of style. The Mobile Edge ScanFast Element Briefcase encapsulates everything she needs, professional yet super stylish all in one.

Emely mentioned that she really loves her Element Briefcase and gets compliments from her fellow law professors about her new laptop case, as well as from her law students.

The ScanFast Element Briefcase is one of the top selling Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases Mobile Edge produces for women. In fact, Mobile Edge is the leading manufacturer for Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags for both men and women and offers one of the largest selections of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) compliant cases to choose from.

Easy design makes traveling easy. When passing through airport security checkpoints, you no longer need to remove your laptop from the case. Simply unzip the case in half, lay flat on the X-ray belt and you are good to go. Pick up your case and computer on the other side safe and sound.

Visit the ScanFast Collection Page by clicking here, and see how easy it is to travel through airport security checkpoints with a Mobile Edge TSA compliant laptop case.

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