Mobile Edge supports the Troops

Paul Roberts, a Helicopter Crew Chief in the U.S. Army is a longtime Mobile Edge customer. He called in to Mobile Edge customer service after he had a slight rip on his backpack. His dilemma was he needed his backpack repaired or replaced within a quick period of time because he was leaving for Afghanistan with his unit.

Since Roberts explained his situation, our customer service team wanted to ensure they had the backpack fixed or replaced in as little amount of time as possible. He sent his ScanFast 2.0 Backpack back to customer service at the Mobile Edge corporate headquarters.

When the backpack arrived, our Office Manager, Debbie Miller went to work. After identifying the problem, our best bet was to replace the Backpack with a new case utilizing the Lifetime Warranty.

Our shipping manager expedited shipping back to Roberts in order to ensure delivery of his backpack before departing overseas. The ScanFast 2.0 Backpack was delivered with time to spare and Roberts has used the backpack while in Afghanistan for several months now. He took the time to send in a few photos of him and his backpack thanking us for our superior customer service.

“Although all of customers are equally important to us and we try to make the return as quickly as possible, we made sure to expedite the process for Roberts in order to get his backpack there before he and his unit deployed,” said Miller. “It’s the least we can do considering what he is doing to protect us here at home.”

From all of us here at Mobile Edge, thank you Paul for serving our country and for sending in your pictures while deployed overseas. We wish all the best and a safe return home soon.

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