Mobile Edge ScanFast Briefcase reviewed on

Alex Knapp, Forbes Staff

The Mobile Edge ScanFast™ 2.0 Briefcase has been reviewed by scores of editors across the blogosphere, in Magazines and on television. Most recently, Alex Knapp from Forbes posted an in depth review. This is now his daily commuter bag which is a great testament to the style and quality of this TSA compliant laptop bag.
Why you ask? Well, quite possibly this this case might be the most technologically advanced laptop computer cases ever built. Not only was it designed to go through airport security checkpoints without having to remove your laptop from the case, but it was also built from a renewable resource corn substrates.
Mobile Edge partnered with DuPont™ and is the exclusive laptop case manufacturer using this cutting edge material called Sorona®.

Mobile Edge is now the market leader in Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags and offers the largest selection of laptop cases for both men and women that are TSA compliant.

Check out the full line of ScanFast Cases by clicking here.

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