Mobile Edge WiFi Signal Locator great gift idea

Affordable last minute gifts for tech lovers

By Frank Anderson, Tech Journal Technology Editor

Today, it’s hard not to notice the endless array of ads for tech items on the market either for work or play. In many cases, we wonder how we ever lived without some of these convenient and fun inventions like the iPod or the Kindle.

As the holidays approach, it’s likely that you have at least one techie in your life who would love a new gadget or similar item to unwrap. But some items require quite an investment. What, then, should you do to show your good taste in gift giving without going into too much debt? There are plenty of solutions this year, both electronic and otherwise that your techie will thank you for.

The WiFi Signal Locator from Mobile Edge only picks up signals from WiFi, thus eliminating false readings that may be coming from other electronic devices like microwaves or phones.

This small gadget – measuring less than 3 inches – fits easily into pockets and even comes with a key ring so it can be attached. This cool item is convenient in size and small in price, selling for under $30.

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