Apple Invades $3.8 Trillion Market With iPad

It is very interesting to read how Apple is beginning to take over selling to corporations and outfitting their sales staff with iPad’s to be completely mobile while on the road. In year’s past, Microsoft and Intel owned this category.

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This article was posted on Business Week and sent across the newswires from Bloomberg. To read the full article click at the bottom of the story.

(Bloomberg) — Apple Inc., without much effort on its part, is making rapid headway in selling to corporations.

After years of being the also-ran to Microsoft Corp. in the workplace, Apple has seen its iPad become a standard business tool. According to an IDG Connect survey, 51 percent of managers with iPads say they “always” use the device at work, and another 40 percent sometimes do. Seventy-nine percent of the respondents use the iPad for business when outside the office.

Even as Inc.’s Kindle Fire and other tablets play catch-up in the consumer market, the iPad faces little competition among corporations such as financial services and pharmaceutical firms. Apple’s iPhone, meanwhile, is the top- selling smartphone, forcing businesses to accommodate workers who use it. That has helped set the stage for Apple’s Mac computer to make its own inroads in the corporate world.

“We haven’t seen a single pharma deploy on anything but the iPad,” said Matt Wallach, co-founder of Veeva Systems Inc., a Pleasanton, California-based maker of sales software for drug companies. “I’ve seen a lot of devices come and go over the years. Nothing touches the speed of adoption of the iPad.”

Microsoft and Intel Corp. have dominated the office- technology market for three decades, accounting for almost all the personal computers on workers’ desks. The seeds for the “Wintel” hegemony were planted in 1981, when International Business Machines Corp. tapped the two companies to help create its first PC. That fueled an information-technology industry that now generates $3.8 trillion a year, according to research firm Gartner Inc.

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