Identity Theft Experts Warn Travelers of New Threat



News Report Shows Criminals Target Credit-worthy Travelers with Innovative Electronic Pick-pocketing Tools

Airports are an ideal hunting ground for a new breed of tech-savvy thieves who target travelers for electronic pick-pocketing, remotely skimming their credit card and passport information without physically touching them, according to recent media reports.

Because electronic pick-pocketing requires only that a thief with a commercially available wireless card reader casually come within 20 feet of the victim, the crime is largely invisible to security cameras and personnel.

“Given the nature of the crime, it is much easier for this new brand of thief to steal your credit card numbers than it is for you to know it’s happening, or for law enforcement to catch them,” said Walt Augustinowicz.

Once a traveler who becomes a victim of electronic pickpocketing discovers that they had sensitive information stolen, it is often too late to discover where the theft took place, especially amid multiple connecting flights. Thus, “the crime may continue unabated,” as Visa’s product development team wrote in the patent documents.

All U.S. Passports now use an RFID chip as well and are just as vulnerable to I.D. theft.
Mobile Edge offers one sure way to protect you from this threat by using their Leather I.D. Sentry Passport and Credit Card Wallets. The alloy shielding material blocks out
unwanted RFID access, keeping would be skimming thieves away. The patent pending design acts like a bunker securing your valuable information keeping it safe while inside the wallet.

When you want to use the card, simply take it out and swipe it. When done paying, place the card back in your Mobile Edge wallet and your identity will remain safe and secure.

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