Alienware M17x Tactical Backpack in stock



The all new designed Limited Edition Alienware M17x Tactical Backpack is now in stock!

Gamer enthusiasts have been waiting for a new Alienware design, and the first of two new cases are here and ready for ordering. The all new M17x Tactical Briefcase is in production and ready to ship soon.

Not only is the new design extremely cool, you can also travel through airport security checkpoints and not have to remove your really expensive Alienware laptop from you bag. Simply unzip the backpack down on both sides and the case folds in half for easy TSA scanning.

This cool design helps keep your laptop safe from getting bumped, scratched, dropped or even stolen. While others have to take their laptop out of their backs and place it in the gray bin, you will be happy as you go through security quicker than everyone else.

The new Tactical camouflage pattern is symbolic to some of the military style video games like “Modern Warfare,” and “Call Of Duty.” The urban camo design is perfect for all gamers especially since this is a Limited Edition design.

Check out the new Alienware M17x Tactical Backpack by clicking here.

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