New iPad Uprise360 stand by Mobile Edge

Apple’s new iPad is as amazing as all the hype claimed it would be. Just when I thought they could not make the iPad 2 any better, they did. Apple added the amazing Retina display, the 5MP iSight camera, and the ultra-fast 4G LTE.

This new iPad is a must have. The question is, do you get the WiFi only version or the 4G?

Regardless of the tablet you choose, the new Uprise360 iPad Stand from Mobile Edge and Hub Innovations is ideal.

The beauty is, you can place your iPad in the stand and rotate it vertically or horizontally 360 degrees. Use it at the office, the kitchen (like my wife does reading recipes), the classroom or anywhere else you choose.

The new iPad stand folds up nicely into a compact form when not in use and can easily be carried in an existing laptop or tablet bag from Mobile Edge. The Uprise360uses similar technology the REV360 uses with the ability to rotate the iPad in any direction effortlessly.

For only $39.99, this is a great iPad stand that will work for you for years to come! The Uprise360 will work with the iPad 2 and the new iPad (3rd Generation iPad).

The photos of the Uprise360 was taken at the Brea Mall Apple Store, the day the new iPad was released (March 16th).

Stay tuned to the Mobile Edge Blog for updates when the product will be available for ordering.

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