New MacBook Pro with Retina display leads pack

Apple announced this week they will no longer make the 17″ MacBook Pro because their new 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display is just simply better. Although the screen is smaller, the amazing graphics, battery life, and speedy boot-up time make up for it.

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Here is a brief snippet of an article posted in laptop Magazine about the new MacBook Pro.

By Mark Spoonauer, Managing Editor at Laptop Magazine
The new MacBook Pro balances portability and power like no other notebook, so well that Apple has decided to kill off the 17-inch MacBook Pro. Despite packing such high-octane components, this machine’s unibody aluminum design weighs a mere 4.46 pounds and measures 0.71 inches thin. That’s 25 percent thinner than the last-gen MacBook Pro and 1.1 pounds lighter. The Air weighs just 3 pounds, making it better suited for cramped airline trays, but the new Pro is certainly portable enough for travel.

The only machine with a 15-inch display that’s more mobile than the new Pro is the Samsung Series 9 15-inch, which weighs 3.8 pounds and has a 0.58-inch profile. However, that laptop features a less powerful ultra-low-voltage Core i5 CPU and integrated graphics. The Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra with Nvidia graphics weighs 4.5 pounds but is a thicker 0.78 inches and uses cheaper plastic in the chassis.

The new MacBook Pro essentially looks like Apple put the old model on the Atkins diet, but it’s still remarkably sturdy. The silver chassis sports the same iconic backlit Apple logo on the back, a black bezel surrounding the eye-popping screen, and the trademark black backlit keyboard with silver deck. Some might appreciate a little more flair, but we suspect most MacBook fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Retina Display
In some ways the Retina Display on the MacBook Pro is more profound than the one on the third-generation iPad, especially for the target audience. It changes the way you work. The 2880 x 1800 pixels will definitely come in handy when editing RAW photos in apps such as Aperture and the new Photoshop, both of which have been optimized for the increased resolution.

It’s easy to show off this eye candy to those who want to know what all the fuss is about. Just compare the new MacBook Pro and the 13-inch Air side by side and they’ll see that it’s no contest. Icons look as if they were painted on the MacBook Pro, while the same icons on the Air look pixelated up close — and this is one of the better screens on the market.

Just as important, the Pro has markedly better contrast and color saturation. The high-def “Dark Knight Rises” trailer had blacker blacks than the Air but also more vibrant yellows and more natural skin tones.

So what about glare? Apple says it worked to reduce it by 75 percent. We did notice some reflections when using the MacBook Pro by a pool, but it wasn’t distracting. The 178-degree viewing angles make this notebook ideal for presentations. We could easily make out websites when viewed from the sides, and vertical viewing angles were just as forgiving.It’s not the brightest, though; the MacBook Pro’s average brightness of 223 lux falls slightly below the category average of 258.

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