Mobile Edge Onyx Geneva Briefcase Review




By LAUREN ROSO, Environmental Lawyer/Writer,

I love handbags
, purses, briefcases, weekender bags, pretty much anything that I can stuff in a neat package and carry it around while still looking pretty I’m a sucker for. As such I’m constantly looking for new bags to add to my collection especially in the work tote/briefcase department as I tend to wear them into the ground. I’ve previously written a post on work (and fashion) appropriate bags to take to the office, which can be found here. I’m always open to seeing what else is out there so when I had the chance to review the Onyx Geneva from Mobile Edge I was quite excited. Keep reading for the review!

The Mobile Edge Onyx Geneva retails for $99.99 and is all black with a mixture of a fabric-like material and faux-leather accents on the trim, flap, and handles. It has three exterior pockets on the front of the bag with an overhanging flap secured by a hidden magnet.

I often joke that packing my work bag is like a game of Tetris, if everything is put together a certain way it all fits. The ME Onyx Geneva is considered a “laptop case” and that is true. The bag is 5.3″ wide so there is a lot of space to carry your laptop, iPad, and all other electronic devices. I took this bag to work a few days and I could easily fit my 13″ MacBook Air, wallet, keys, makeup bag, charger and kindle. I could even fit my Toms shoes (I walk to work) if I packed it just right. The bag has a lot of room inside without looking bulky but don’t expect it to fit anything bulky or awkwardly shaped.

One thing commonly overlooked in bags is the straps and how wearable they are. The straps on the ME Onyx Geneva are rounded on the bottom and flat on the top so they don’t slip off your shoulder. This may seem silly but this is genius and my favorite part of the bag. The bag stayed comfortably on my shoulder during my treks through DC. The bag itself is not light but not heavy either; Mobile Edge has it listed as 4.5lbs. The bag is very comfortable to wear and does not feel bulky hanging on your shoulder.

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