Look for Mobile Edge products on NBC’s “Animal Practice”

The new Fall Television Season is now well underway. Each year several new TV Shows are launched, and one I happen to love is the new comedy called “Animal Practice,” on NBC. The first show aired last Wednesday, and the highlight was seeing Crystal the Monkey (and doctor on the show) strike the Tim Tebow pose!

Visiting the Animal Practice set on Paramount Studios today, I was able to get a photo with Crystal while visiting Property Master, Rhonda Robinson. Different Mobile Edge products will be used on the show periodically, so make sure to watch out for them.

Here is a quick overview of what to expect from the show, According to the official “Animal Practice” website on NBC.com. “Animal Practice,” is a new comedy centering on Dr. George Coleman (Justin Kirk, “Weeds,” “Angels in America”), a top veterinarian with an impressive list of famous animal patients at the Crane Animal Hospital – a bustling New York City veterinary practice where it often seems as if the patients are running the place.

Despite his unorthodox style, George has an undeniable gift with animals of all kinds – except the human kind. Much to his chagrin, George recently learned that his ex-girlfriend, Dorothy Crane (JoAnna Garcia Swisher, “Better with You”), has inherited the family business and is now George’s boss. Whip-smart and ambitious, Dorothy shakes up the hospital as she brings order to the chaos and butts heads with George’s animal-friendly administration.

Make sure to watch Animal Practice Wednesday nights on NBC 8/7c.

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