Mobile Edge laptop bags on Glee Season 4




Season four of Glee is turning out to be hotter than ever. With all of the new “A” list celebrities that are now on the show, it’s quite an impressive cast. Two you may have heard of, Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker. Both known for their fashion prowess should make for a great season.

Look out for Kate Hudson using a stylish Geneva Briefcase from Mobile Edge. It’s sleek, fashionable and stylish just like Kate. Make sure to watch out for it this season.

Mobile Edge backpacks, briefcases, messenger bags, hand bags, iPad cases and duffel bags have been used on all four seasons of Glee.

Here are a just a few Mobile Edge laptop bags that have been used from several Glee stars in previous episodes. All photos were captured and posted on The Fashion of Glee blog site.

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