Animal Practice Dr. Rizzo loves Mobile Edge Bag

The fun new comedy show “Animal Practice,” has already become a great show to watch this season. Who doesn’t love to see really smart animals working with human actors at a veterinarian office in New York City?

In the Episode titled “Clean Smelling Pirate,” Crystal the adventurous monkey known as Dr. Rizzo shows her love for Mobile Edge Laptop Bags.

In the scene, Dr Rizzo is awoken from a nap by her colleague, Dr. Coleman, trying to show off to a patient that he is the “fun doctor,” to a young kid with his dog. Dr. Rizzo is really unhappy she was woken up for this, and runs over to her Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Messenger Bag, opens it up, climbs in and closes it. All she wanted was a little sleep.

The beauty is, she was comfortable enough with the stylish messenger bag to actually jump inside it and go to sleep (well at least in the scene).

Make sure to watch Animal Practice each week Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC. To see the full episode online, click here.

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