PC, Tablet, Phone Shipments to Hit 2.4B in 2013

The landscape of laptops and tablets in the marketplace continues to evolve. Smaller, sleeker and lighter laptops are now the norm.

On your next time flying out of town, look around while walking through the airport. You will see a multitude of people using small tablets, or even just their iPhone or Android smart phones.

Traveling with a small device is lighter, easy to carry, generally has a longer battery life, and has most all of the functionality your laptop has.

That’s why the Design Team at Mobile Edge launched several new tablet and sleek Ultrabook cases that exceed the needs of our customers.

Check out our new line of iPad and Tablet cases, and our new line of Ultrabook Messenger Bags and Briefcases all designed to carry both a Tablet and an Ultrabook.


This major shift in the marketplace is underscored by a recent article posted on ABC News dot com in their Technology Section.

Associated Press: Research firm Gartner says it expects worldwide PC, tablet and mobile phone shipments to reach 2.4 billion units this year, up 9 percent from 2012.

Gartner Inc. said Thursday that device shipments should continue to grow, hitting more than 2.9 billion in 2017. But the mix of devices is shifting away from PCs.

Gartner expects desktop and notebook PC shipments to continue to decline as people move toward more portable devices like tablets and “ultramobile” electronics that fall somewhere between a laptop and a tablet, such as the MacBook Air.

The research firm says that tablet shipments will likely reach 197 million units this year, up nearly 70 percent from 116 million in 2012.

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