Mobile Edge laptop bag spotted at Chicago Airport

When traveling, it is common practice to see both men and women travelers using Mobile Edge laptop cases. From the Checkpoint Friendly collection, to Backpacks and briefcases, all Mobile Edge customers are happy with their purchases.

Recently, when traveling from Pennsylvania to Chicago I spotted Vincent Garcia, Computer Store Buyer at Loma Linda University traveling with his Premium V-Load Briefcase. We were both on our way to connecting flights coming from the D&H Back-to-School Show, and had to rush to different terminals.

Vincent has owned several Mobile Edge laptop bags over the years, and believes in the quality of our products. That is why he is one of hundreds of University Computer Store Buyers around the country orders and sells Mobile Edge products in their stores.

Thank you Vincent for being a great Mobile Edge supporter and for making the 17” Premium V-Load look great. For more information about the University of Loma Linda, click here to visit their University website.

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