Mobile Edge backpacks used by Virginia Police Officers

Mobile Edge laptop backpacks have been used all over the world by K-12 and University students, military service members, government officials, doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, and everything in between.

The image above was sent in by a senior ranking officer attached to the Bedford Police Department in Bedford, Virginia. One of his Forensics Specialists was caught in action using his Mobile Edge Deluxe 14.1″ Backpack while working on an active crime scene.

“I have outfitted all of my Crime Scene Technicians with Mobile Edge backpacks,” exclaimed Captain Jim Bennett, Bedford Police Department.

“They like all of the compartments, which keeps all of their supplies organized and available. It is easy to just “Grab and Go” and have what you need without having to drag out big cases.”

Captain Bennett went on to say, “I have also outfitted my surveillance officers with Mobile Edge backpacks. They too love the compartments to keep things organized for easy access. The padding protects all of our equipment, and the compartments are very convenient to organize equipment.”

If Mobile Edge laptop backpacks are durable and reliable enough for Police Officers, then they are tough enough everyone!

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