OC Register reviews Mobile Edge Smartphone Charger

Mobile phones and tablets are taking the technology industry by storm. The down side is, batteries aren’t strong enough to last a full day while running all of your favorite apps like Pandora, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Alas, Mobile Edge has come to the rescue with its super lightweight, yet powerful Smartphone charger. With a powerful 2600mAh UrgentPower battery charger, you can get that extra charge you need while on the road.

Orange County Technology Editor, Ian Hamilton, recently included the new UrgentPower Smartphone charger in his Saturday morning technology column. Here is a snippet of his article. You can see the full article by clicking on this link.

New iPhone? Bring on the accessories
If there were any question that mobile has supplanted desktop computing at the center of the technology universe, just take a look at how the industry is gearing up for the latest generation of handheld and wearable devices.

Apple launched a new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Samsung announced a new giant-screen Galaxy Note. Both Samsung and Qualcomm offered details on smart watches that rely on a phone for much of their smarts.

UrgentPower from Mobile Edge in Anaheim packs in a 2600mAh battery and a full-size USB port to provide an emergency charge for mobile gadgets. This cylindrical battery sells for $40 while a 2500mAh brick-shaped battery sells from Tustin-based Mophie for $60.

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